We at Kryptonite Entertainment have the best live-bands, the most versatile photographers, a passionate videography team and also one of the most wide ranged stylists that the market has to offer.

We at Kryptonite Entertainment have the paramount services to offer you. Be it at your hotel lounges, your bars or restaurants, your event road shows, your corporate events or wedding dinners, we provide everything you need and more at its supreme. Professional live-bands are here to change your views about what live performances are supposed to be. Musicians are musically educated and highly experienced to boost the atmosphere of your event. May it be a romantic dinner night, a Shanghai themed wedding, a fun and crazy party event, a smooth jazz night or a Latin dance night, we make it work! We have musicians and vocalists suitable for various themes. Versatility and proficiency are our virtues.

Photographers and videographers are ready for your precious moments and spotlights! The team is standing by to capture every charming expression, every gorgeous look, every quirky scenario, and every picturesque moment at your events. They are highly dedicated and passionate. Their work and products speak for themselves through pixels of professionalism. Photographs and videos are the perfect mementos for a memorable day.

Our professional make-up artist is here to make a beautiful you even more stunning for a special day or night. She is qualified and experienced to enhance your features with either a minimal barely-there sophisticated look or an eccentric fantastic make-over. Years of experience as a professional hair-stylist also make her more than able to sweep your hair off its feet with a fantastic hair-do. Elegant or fashionable, it’s your choice for your day!

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